YouTube’s new terms

YouTube’s new terms of service will result in thousands of content providers being deplatformed…

If your content or channel is deemed ‘not commercially viable’ your content and possibly your entire channel will be removed.  Only those channels bringing in a significant amount of revenue, and I mean significant, will remain.  It appears YouTube is basing it’s new revenue model on the Federal Income Tax model where 1% pay 90% of the total tax or in this case only about 1% of it’s content providers account for YouTube’s total ad based revenues.  In corporate terms that means excess overhead (you, me and the rest of the 90%) can be cut to massively increase profits. What a deal! But there’s more…     YouTube’s new terms of service is mass censorship. YouTube’s new terms of service is mass censorship.

Published November 16, 2019

YouTube’s new terms of service will purge content providers like you and me, leaving many MSM outlets that post to YouTube because they have 500K-1M subscribers and their videos average over 100K views.  For those of you that publish news casts and who are not Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, your entire channel may be stricken on their new platform.  I’m not saying MSM will be the only content providers.  You will still have channels like PewDiePie, 5 Minute Crafts, Dude Perfect and of course all those funny cat videos. What you may end up losing are channels like your alt news favorites, certain science and health related channels you follow and more. YouTube’s new terms of service is mass censorship.

YouTube’s new terms of service are not only an exercise in censorship, but an exercise to mold our minds. The scope of what we’re allowed to see, what we’re allowed to access, what we’re allowed to discuss is rapidly shrinking. This is an exercise in mass population programming. Where the internet was a platform for open information sharing it has now become the most powerful tool for mass mind manipulation. It’s becoming the prison that will enslave us.  YouTube’s new terms of service is mass censorship. YouTube’s new terms of service is mass censorship.


YT New Terms of Service

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