WIPP Gate Part 3

WIPP Gate Part 3

WIPP Gate Part 3

Published March 18, 2014    WIPP Gate Part 3.

The Environment and The People That Depend On It Are Expendable – Profits Are Not

This cover up is turning out to be ALL About The MONEY! As you will see, this is not just a NM problem.  Anyone in the path of wind and weather patterns which flow E, NE should be following these developments.
There is NO responsible solution to the disposal of nuclear waste. Deep underground repositories were essentially the best possible solution at the time for long term storage and containment of dangerous nuclear waste, however the use of salt domes and salt deposits pose their own geological inherent risks.  So, why were this route chosen?  Because it was cheap!

Research Links:
Important Information about WIPP for NM & Texas Residents
ENE News:  WIPP Expert-Nuclear waste is getting out above ground-“We don’t know how far away it’s gone”
BREAKING NEWS * Ceiling Collapse from Possible Explosion and Fire in New Mexico Nuke Storage Facility; Barrels of Nuclear Waste Smashed and Leaking
WIPP radiation leak still a mystery Local KRQE
ENE News:  “We don’t know what happened… don’t know whether it could happen again” — “Big problem is…how much is continuing to be released?” — Officials “know very little about extent of problem or how to solve it”
Report: Officials backtrack on threat to public from WIPP leak — Now only “pretty sure” population centers are safe — Group calling for outside help, independent scientists to collect radiation samples — TV: Fears in Texas Panhandle
Threat Journal:  On Thurs of this week AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via a text message to their mobile device that the Department of Energy had confirmed the airborne release of Plutonium-239 & Americium-241 from underground nuclear waste storage site near Carlsbad, NM.
ENE News:  WIPP whistleblowers say mine collapsed directly on highly radioactive waste
Over 100 operating fracking wells within 1 mile of WIPP Site
WIPP site plume map
Potrblog:  Good source for developing information on this event
Nuke Pro: Dose Rates

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