Vulnerability: EMP | USAF | HAARP




US Patent 4686605 A 

USAF X-37B climate chaos, orbital HAARP weapon ” 

Vulnerability:  EMP | USAF | HAARP

US Patent 4686605 A provides us with concrete evidence and a scientifically proven correlation between seismic activity and the ionosphere, through the control of RF (Radio Frequencies) artificially induced force fields, which HAARP was designed and built to do.” “The USAF developed the X-37B as an orbiting HAARP weapon system…EMP.   Because of its capabilities in causing both widespread and localized destruction by either manipulating the weather and causing climate change or inducing earthquakes and tsunamis, the X-37B is classified as a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), banned by international treaty “Environmental Modification Convention(ENMOD)”.”  An EMP is and electromagnetic pulse which creates the same destruction as a nuclear bomb without the radioactive fallout; “There may be, however, new dimensions in vulnerabilities that we need to look at more carefully. In the 1950’s, electronic systems used vacuum tubes, not very sophisticated, but resistant to EMP. Today, computers with more and more microcircuits packed into smaller and smaller chips are key to the efficiency of virtually all commerce in the United States. These have much more computing power, but are also much more sensitive to disruption and more easily disabled by EMP. Electromagnetic pulse can be generated in several ways, but the widest effects are caused by a high-altitude nuclear blast, although we will ask questions about other than nuclear blasts causing EMP. All of us here understand that the threats posed to our military systems and civilian infrastructure by high-altitude EMP are not new. Atmospheric nuclear tests in the 1950’s and 1960’s revealed a number of then unanticipated results, including electrical and communications disruptions hundreds of miles from the test sites.”


es our potential vulnerability.”


These are statements that Nikola Tesla was very familiar with, knowing the cause and effect 


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