MORE VOTER REGISTRATION ISSUES: My Dog is a Registered Democrat

My dog is a registered democratMy dog is a registered democrat

My Dog Is A Registered Democrat !

My dog is a registered democrat.

Published November 7, 2016

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As we are all aware by now there are serious problems with the voter registration process in America. Aside from the obvious concerns surrounding the voting machines themselves, I want to show you some additional problems with the system.

I moved from New Mexico to Arizona in May of 2014. Prior to that, I was a registered Republican in New Mexico. When I applied for my Arizona drivers license, I also registered as a third party voter here in Phoenix and surrendered my New Mexico drivers license. This implied two important facts I want to share with you. My dog is a registered democrat.

  1. Motor vehicle and voter data bases are cross referenced.
  2. Voter registration data bases are not being updated to reflect people who have physically moved out of state creating an inflation of the number of registered voters in any given state, in this case, New Mexico.

My dog is a registered democrat. This is one of several solicitations I received – mailed to my Phoenix residence – from the Republican party in New Mexico to vote early. My dog is a registered democrat.  To document the absolute lack of verification in the voter registration process, I registered Cleo, my doberman pinscher dog as a Democrat. Of course I had to lie about her age as in this photo from 2003 she was only 18 months old. Not only did I receive a voter registration card for her in the mail, in 2006 I received an early vote reminder for her in the mail along with an early voting ballot from the Dona Ana County Clerks office.


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