Vimeo: Alternative Viewpoints FORBIDDEN

Vimeo: Alternative Viewpoints FORBIDDEN

Vimeo Declares ‘Alternative Viewpoints’ FORBIDDEN

In a recent community guideline policy change, Vimeo has cancelled the accounts of hundreds of paid subscribers on their platform.  This recent policy change is regarding Covid-19 and vaccines.  Anyone who posted anything questioning the ‘party line’ on these topics had their accounts immediately cancelled.  Based on my own account of this, these new guidelines were adopted recently – very recently, as in the past several days.  Without notice or warning, the new policy was applied retro actively.  Vimeo: Alternative Viewpoints FORBIDDEN.  Vimeo: Alternative Viewpoints FORBIDDEN.

Published May 12, 2020

In addition, I found that a class action BIPA lawsuit which alleges Vimeo has been collecting and selling biometric data on it’s users through a third party called Magisto Services.



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