Transcendence: Resurrecting the Dead Using Post Mortum Brain Maps

Transcendence resurrecting the dead

Transcendence Resurrecting the Dead

Transcendence resurrecting the dead.

Published  December 17, 2015

In the quest for eternal life, tech giants like Google are exploring ways to extend human life by hundreds if not thousands of years. HumaiTech is an L.A. based AI company which is looking to take this quest for immortality a step further by transferring the minds and personalities of the dead into an artificial neural network and then downloading it into an artificial body, or cybernetic humanoid unit.


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Why SIMs

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Transcendence resurrecting the dead. If you subscribe to the fact that it’s the soul, or consciousness that makes you who you are, then to what end is downloading the brain map of a person’s memories, thoughts, speech and sensory processing, alive or dead, as this process would merely create an ‘avatar’ of that person who may look and act like the original person, but would not contain the essence of who that person really is. Although computer technology has enabled scientists and engineers to ‘copy’ many of the neuro biological functions of individual brains, they still do not understand the source and inner workings of the soul, consciousness and refuse to acknowledge it’s existence or importance, as they believe it is merely a manifestation of the mechanical workings of the brain function, enhanced by memories and experiences – this is the missing piece of the puzzle they are striving to understand with projects like CERN. This concept of transendence resurrection takes Kurzweil’s vision of technological immortality in the form of transhumanism to a whole new level. The idea of uploading brain maps to a computer is not new. Ray Kurzweil, Googles director of engineering and one of the world’s leading proponents of transhumanism, states that this is an inevitability with the advances being made in the field of artificial neural networks, wet ware and synthetic bio tech. Transcendence resurrecting the dead.

Another major player in this realm is a Dr. Randal Koene. Koene was working as the director of Halcyon Molecular a joint venture between Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, that was doing research in the area of using synthetic DNA developed in a lab, on a computer, to spur the growth of artificial intelligence. When Halcyon Molecular folded in 2012, he went out on his own and created a start up non profit called carbon to pioneer ‘Whole Brain Emulation’ which can replicate the functions of the mind in a process called Substrate Independent Minds or SIMs. I was surprised to learn that Koene’s justification for SIMs is based on a concept of ‘sustainability’ whereby people would be able to live using ‘different’ resources than are required today for survival. Those ‘different resources’ were not defined. He also cited that his work on SIMs would improve the current human form so as to be able to adapt to new environmental and evolutionary challenges. SIMs technology incorporates BMIs or brain machine interface implants, and this also implies the ability to remotely control the brain processes of individuals that would undergo this process. Carbon is not only part of the 2045 Initiative, it is also a player in the transhuman break away civilization movement.

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