TPP Corporate Dictatorship – Explained

TPP Corporate Dictatorship

TPP Corporate Dictatorship, Explained

TPP Corporate Dictatorship

Published  November 7, 2015

We were warned by the non mainstream media, Congress was not allowed to read it before they could vote on it, yet they voted for it anyway.  Shades of Nancy Pelosi, “You have to pass it [ObamaCare] to find out what’s in it…”  We found out about ObamaCare (the ACA) after they passed it.  Now, we’re about to find out about the TPP and it will pale in comparison to ObamaCare by orders of magnitude…

** Correction in page count reported in this video:  I was called out in the initial page count reported…I went back and recounted all of the pages in the 30 chapters and associated annexes, schedules and the actual page count is 6,202, not the 14K mentioned.  Note to self:  Do not balance check book using cell phone calculator. **

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TPP Corporate Dictatorship will be regulating ALL food production and trade. The term “Party” in the TPP refers to Global and national corporations, banks, financial institutions and energy producers The term “Party” has been given “Person” status with all of the benefits and protections that would normally apply to a nation’s citizens. The nations citizens, the flesh and blood people, have been exempted from holding “Person” status.  The Party’s cannot be sued for harm or damage by a nation citizen. The Party’s are self-regulating.  Each of the Party’s within any of the industry segments mentioned above will be responsible for determining their own environmental and health safety standards, and yes, pharmaceutical companies and the big GMOs are included. Nations will have import and export limitations on annual production and consumption.  Trade tariffs are as high as 40% on specific imports/exports. All government procurements are denoted in SDRs while the nations trades and caps are denoted in their own country’s currency. TPP Corporate Dictatorship.

The TPP will step in on import/export quotas in the event of a catastrophe or natural disaster. Regulation will not only be imposed by the members on the actual trade products, but also on any tools, clothing, materials, machinery, etc., used in the making of such products. Medicines will be made available to all in the interest of human health – mandatory vaccines? The provisions, restrictions and general force majeure of the TPP will enable an Agenda 21 implementation on steroids.  All methods of transportation are reference in this treaty. All methods of communication are referenced in this treaty. Illegal immigration is supported by the ‘Business Purpose’ of your undocumented entry into a country.

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