The Tiny Dot | An Awakening

the tiny dot
Posted: February 9, 2021
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The Tiny Dot | An Awakening

This clever illustration should serve as an awakening to everyone wondering how to fix ‘the system’. The answer is to stop complying, stop obeying unreasonable and unconstitutional laws, stop adhering to mandates that aren’t even laws, stop supporting the beast in the form of fines, taxation and penalties.  Refuse en masse to pay for perceived violations that infringe on your unalienable rights.  Above all, stop paying taxes especially federal taxes.  The ‘Tiny Dot’ represents a handful of people who have decided they are the overlords of the people and they no longer represent the will of ‘The People’.   The tiny dot.   The tiny dot

We are may, they are few.  What will the tiny dots do if we stop complying en masse?  They simply do not have the enforcement power and they know this.  This is why they impose force on the few to instill fear in the many.  Rise up!  Take back your power, your country and your individual rights while we still can.  The choice is simple.  Either continue to comply and obey and live under tyranny, or stop letting these self appointed overlords of humanity rob us blind under the guise of government, taxation and the abrogation of our individual rights, and live under freedom and liberty.  The choice is ours.  Choose wisely.  The tiny dot.  The tiny dot.

Credit:  Larken Rose

Also visit David Icke for concise explanations of complicated issues that, as you will learn, are not complicated at all.

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