IR#03: The REAL US Unemployment Figures for ‘Dummies’

The real US unemployment figures

The Real US Unemployment Figures

This was 2013….The economy’s got worse, much worse.

Published on October 10, 2013          The real US unemployment figures.

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Apparently, The MSM & Our Congress Critters in DC Can’t Do The Math

The real US Unemployment figures for the month of August according to the Feds stated there were 11.3 million Americans among the unemployed.  According to the Feds calculations, this is based on an available workforce of 154,794,520.  The Feds ONLY use the U3 statistics for their official monthly headline report which as many of you know, are those people who have applied for unemployment benefits during a particular month plus those from the previous 17 months who are still collecting unemployment benefits.
Now, let’s look  at some REAL numbers:
The US population as of August 31st, 2013 was 316,571,118….this figure does not include illegals.  Now we will start subtracting out those segments of the US population that are NOT part of the available workforce…

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