The Jesuit Connection & Lincoln’s Assassination

The Jesuit connection

The Jesuit Connection – Who Rules The World?

The Jesuit connection


Lincoln’s Assassination And The Jesuit Connection

Book:  All the Vatican’s Men

Book:  Unholy Trinity

The Most Powerful Man In The World ? “The Black Pope” ?+

The Freemasonry Jesuit Connection

The Vatican and The Jesuits

The Rothschilds are Jesuits


The Jesuit connection, The Holy Alliance, Russia, Prussia, France, and Austria, entered into the Secret Treaty of Verona, November 22, 1822, for which the Monroe Doctrine was then  written shortly after to protect us from. Remember the five sons/banks of the Rothschilds and their locations. Sound familiar?   They are also part of The Jesuit connection. The Secret Treaty of Verona which established The Jesuit connection is alive and well in full force and effect. What the Muslims are being accused of today is, in reality, is actually acting out the demands of the Vatican that Catholicism is the only One World Religion through Jesuit influence.  NATO is the only One World Law, and there is only One world Bank all run and operated by The Jesuit connection. Remember the Rothschild’s and the Vatican are partners in crime. Know also that Islam is Catholicism with a touch of Extreme Jesuitism. Black vs. white, Russian vs. Chinese, dog vs. cat.  Men vs. women, all the hate is controlled by the puppet master Pope at the Vatican through this Jesuit web, having an unholy alliance with the Rothschild’s. Antagonized, promoted hate is highly profitable.  Obama is only a tool for  a means to the end, an initiate promised worldly wealth, sex and drugs to complete the task of global control to be in the hands of the Jesuit Pope completed by his Jesuit connection Assassins, the unwittingly used puppets including but not limited to the Muslims of Islam, and The Pope’s Masonic Jesuits, which many apparently  are located in Washington D.C. Think this is a joke or a conspiracy theory? Not on your life.  Watch Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump be persecuted and  threatened daily. It is only going to get more intense for them as they stand against this disorderly conduct.

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