Robin Sage: Set The Stage For JADE HELM15 [Video]

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Robin Sage: Setting The Stage For JADE HELM15

Published  May 13, 2015

Robin Sage is the military exercise equivalent of Jade Helm 15 for the Eastern 25% of America.
While the political and MSM pundits have all eyes focused on the Southwestern states calling “Squirrel” plans have been in place for more than a decade for a similar ‘exercise’ from New Hampshire to Georgia over to Mississippi up to Tennessee.
The Netflix series “REVOLUTION” is a pretty good depiction of what we may be facing in America given recent developments.  Robin Sage is the Jade helm for the NE.  Robin Sage is the Jade helm for the NE.

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To find this next document you have to Google “Annex_B_intel_Appendix_1_intel_estimate.doc”
Unclassified Global Security Document Outlining Enemy Situational Analysis, AO, Disposition, Composition, Strengths & Weaknesses of Resistance forces in “Pineland” and strategies to win militarily in various scenarios.

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