Robin Sage: Set The Stage For JADE HELM15 [Video]


Published  May 13, 2015

Robin Sage is the military exercise equivalent of Jade Helm 15 for the Eastern 25% of America.
While the political and MSM pundents have all eyes focused on the Southwestern states calling “Squirrel” plans have been in place for more than a decade for a similar ‘exercise’ from New Hampshire to Georgia over to Mississippi up to Tennessee.
The Netflix series “REVOLUTION” is a pretty good depiction of what we may be facing in America given recent developments.

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To find this next document you have to Google “Annex_B_intel_Appendix_1_intel_estimate.doc”
Unclassified Global Security Document Outlining Enemy Situational Analysis, AO, Disposition, Composition, Strengths & Weaknesses of Resistance forces in “Pineland” and strategies to win militarily in various scenarios.

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