JADE HELM: “MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN”-1033 Program & Exec Order 13684

Programs & exec orders for mastering the human domain

Programs & Exec Orders For Mastering The Human Domain

Published April 21, 2015      Programs & exec orders for mastering the human domain.

The Pieces Are Being Put In Place To Enable GOVERNMENT Backed by the Military & Law Enforcement to Master The Human Domain

According to SOCOM, THIS EXERCISE IS SCHEDULED TO END ON SEPTEMBER 11th, not the 15th as being reported. Coincidence?  Or will this ‘exercise’ go live on or about that date?
Jade Helm appears to be an integral part of Obama’s executive order 13684, 21st Century Policing, in conjunction with his 1033 Program which were both quietly signed recently with virtually no MSM coverage or fanfare.
We’ve seen all too often how the road to hell is often paved with what appear to be on the surface, good intentions.
It is important to watch the entire video to understand the USAWC’s war tactic, “Mastering the Human Domain – No Turning Back” and how this ties into Obama’s XO 13684 and the 1033 Program and how the technological conveniences we are all now addicted to will be used as weapons against us.

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Please share this video and feel free to re-post it, this is important. Most of all:
– Do Not Comply
– Do Not Participate
– Stay Aware
– Remain Vigilant

Research Links & Supporting Documentation:
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Executive Order 13684: Task Force on 21st Century Policing
Interim Report-Presidents Task Force on 21st Century Policing – March 2015
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Brazos County, Bryan Texas Notice of meeting and agenda.
Standard-Times West Texas Briefs 11.2/2014
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www.mySouTex.com “Military Exercises to Be Held in County”
Goliad County Texas: County Commissioners
US Army Special Forces (Green Berets)
US Air Force Special Operations Command
USMC Marine Special Operations Command
USMC Expeditionary Units
82nd Airborne Division
Mead-Jade Helm Podcast-Exercise ends 9-11
USAWC Civilian Research Project
SOCOM Press Release 3.24.2015
US Army Times 3.23.2015
US Army Special Forces – Institutionalizing Interdependence: No Turning Back 4.30.2013

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