XO-HPC-National Strategic Computing Initiative: The End Begins

Obama XO HPC

Obama XO on HPC  & Creation of National Strategic Computing Initiative

Obama XO HPC  and the creation of NSCI.

Published August 25, 2015

Obama‘s Executive order for HPC –  and formation of NSCI [National Strategic Computing Initiative] was signed into effect immediately on 7.29.2015.  This was signed into order smack in the middle of the JADE II AI warfare system roll-out during the Jade Helm exercise. This is no coincidence.  The test run of the system roll-out in this exercise has shown them, they’re gonna need a BIGGER BAT!

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Obama XO HPC  This will be the point of no return for us.  The last and final phase will be automation of humans by way of direct neurological and biological monitoring and control by a global ‘command and control’ system in the form of an AI driven neural net over humanity driven by HPC.  You have to get rid of a billion people?  Classify them as useless eaters, give it to the system and let the AI sort it out.

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