Obama UN Gun Grab – Will Try to Use Constitution To Grab Guns

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The Obama UN Gun Grab

Constitutional Circumvention Through ‘Global’ Enforcement

Obama UN gun grab underway.

Published  January 22, 2013

It is looking like Obama plans to use Executive Order to pass gun control mandates if congress can not or will not pass gun control legislation, which is really the precursor to gun confiscation legislation.  The writing’s on the wall.  Historic events predict the future state of our nation if we comply with any such Executive Order or legislation regarding gun restrictions.

Secession may be the only last ditch attempt we have at preserving our sovereignty and unalienable rights. Obama in step with the wishes of the UN is about to go for an end run for our guns on the grounds of ‘seeking global compliance’ within the UN.
Obama leaning on Supremacy Clause to ban guns in compliance with UN Arms Trade Treaty in a move towards global disarmament.

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The Obama UN gun grab is underway. Since this and past administrations had difficulty trying to pass domestic legislation, it looks like they’re going to hoe a new road. This path allows for less obstacles as it doesn’t recognize national borders or sovereignty.

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