mRNA is Genetic Modification

mRNA is Genetic Modification

mRNA is Genetic Modification | It’s Irreversible

Posted 01.30.2021
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mRNA is Genetic Modification

mRNA is genetic modification predicated on artificial biology.  mRNA in the vacancies triggers an autoimmune disease response on the protien spike claimed to be the Sars cov-2. It is not.  The mRNA vaccine has never been  tested yet it is being rolled out on a massive scale in the form of a ‘vaccine’.  The mRNA vaccine is an irreversible genetic modification, the results of which have not been explored or tested.  mRNA is Genetic Modification and once injected, the effects are irreversible. The “m” in the vaccine stands for “messenger” which can be programmed and potentially reprogrammed to perform a host of RNA/DNA modifications, or mutations if you will.

Research Links:

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US Government Patent for Sars-Cov2 Testing  US patent 46592703P (subsequently issued as US Patent 7776521)

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Genetic Programming (sect 2)

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