Here’s Where Those 100,000 Refugees Are Coming In YOUR State

Immigration laws to be circumvented by religious organizations

Immigration Laws to be Circumvented by Religious Organizations

Immigration laws to be circumvented by religious organizations.

The government will be using churches, predominantly the Catholic Church and NGOs with religious affiliations in order to circumvent the Supreme Court vote on Thursday, June 23, 2016.  As the vote was tied, the decision was deferred down to the lower court which mandates that immigration law can not be dictated by executive order and the president does not have the authority to provide executive amnesty to tens of thousands of illegals to provide them with permanent residency status.

In Obama’s contemptuous position on the Supreme Court deadlock on his “Immigration Reform” policy he vowed to get his agenda through before he leaves office.  By using religious exemption in a pay to play game, Obama is creating an alliance between the federal government, United Nations and religious organizations.  With the churches and NGOs being paid a handsome per capita fee for each refugee [illegal] they assist relocating in your state, there’s a lot of money to be made.  This is the Trojan Horse Obama will use to ensure Middle Eastern [Muslim] refugees will be transplanted here in America.  This is why he felt so confident making such a bold statement on Friday, June 24th vowing to have his immigration reform agenda in place before he leaves office.


Download this spreadsheet.  I went through some effort to convert this information to an open source platform so you can cut, paste, sort and distribute in part or in whole.  Copy the spreadsheet and paste into your own spreadsheet application, this will remove the security lock feature.  If you have any problems email me at and I will send you an unlocked copy.

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