Amerika: Gun Control The Final Solution

Gun control the final solution

Gun Control The Final Solution

Originally published January 12, 2013   Gun control the final solution.

Obama Following Nazi Play Book Step by Step

It is looking like Obama plans to use Executive Order to pass gun control mandates if Congress can not or will not pass gun control legislation on behalf of the UN.  This will be the precursor to gun confiscation legislation.

The writing’s on the wall.  The US is following the Nazi play book step by step.  Historic events predict the future state of our nation if we comply with any such Executive Order or legislation regarding gun restrictions.

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Obama To Attempt To Use Constitution To Grab Guns

Gun control the final solution. They are using the exact blueprint they used in Nazi Germany here in America. The 2nd amendment was established to protect and preserve the nation and it’s people from a tyrannical government, foreign OR domestic. You can classify the UN as a foreign government and based on it’s agenda for a One World Order and One World Government, it should be considered a hostile entity to every American who cherishes their freedom and individual sovereignty.  Gun control final solution. As we’ve seen through history, fascist, tyrannical regimes will confiscate all gun control. This will ultimately leave gun control in the hands of their constabulary forces, and the citizenry completely unable to defend themselves much less overthrow their fascist, dictatorial regimes.

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