DREAMLAND | Emerging Tech | Your Children Are Being Monitored

DREAMLAND and emerging tech

DREAMLAND and Emerging Tech

DREAMLAND and emerging tech.

Published  December 7, 2015

Even Your Children Are Being Monitored

Samsung, along with their competition, is currently working with industry and academic foundations to create credible iris scanning applications for ‘next level’ biometric authentication. So, why should you be concerned? Biometric authentication, unlike digital authentication like mobile numbers and passwords can’t be changed, spoofed or turned off when this technology is adopted as a security ‘standard’ . The biometric authentication technology they are looking to employ as a security standard in communication devices represents a unique human identifier – it cannot be changed, it can not be deleted and it will be able to track you and all of your digital based activity plugged into the IoT [Internet of Things] where ever you are, where ever you go and what ever you do. This new standard of biometric authentication will provide all of the advantages and functionality of the implanted RFID chip and then some…

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DREAMLAND and emerging tech outlines the methods being used to track and monitor not only you but your children as well. The increasing prevalence of interactive toys and learning devices are not only creating back doors to your home networks, but are also molding your children’s thoughts, behaviors and responses by taking over the role of ‘parent’ in their play time.

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