Viral Pandemic or Testing Epidemic With Systemic Flaws

Posted October 28,  2020

This video outlines how the Covid scandal is a crime against humanity. Are we addressing a viral pandemic or should we be addressing a testing epidemic with known systemic failures. The RTPCR tests DO NOT test for a specific or general pathogen. It was only developed to test for genetic material, genetic material that can be found in every biological organism. So, what are we doing here? What is all the hype and fear about? It’s about power and control. The CFR rates are that of a moderate seasonal flu (0.13 according to latest statistics put out by the WHO from 10.07.2020), yet we are being led to believe ‘COVID’ cases are a death sentence…it is not!  VIRAL PANDEMIC OR TESTING EPIDEMIC?  VIRAL PANDEMIC OR TESTING EPIDEMIC?  VIRAL PANDEMIC OR TESTING EPIDEMIC

Listen to this lawyer who practices internationally prosecuting corporations for fraud and discusses how the Corona Crisis pales in comparison with respect to the general population. Some of the claims he notes in his suit include:

  • The right for citizens to sue for civil damages
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Corrupt agendas to mitigate individual rights
  • Specific claims in this case mirror those crimes defined and prosecuted during the Nuremberg trials = Crimes Against Humanity
  • Violation of title 19, ‘faking medical emergencies’

Is there a Corona pandemic or only a Testing epidemic that doesn’t test for the Virus? You decide.

Editor’s Note:

Although this action is a glimmer of hope, it does not identify individuals, entities or government actors that will be targeted for prosecution. Is this by design?

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