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Clinton Uranium deals

Clinton Uranium Deals |  Selling Out America

Clinton Uranium deals

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Clinton Uranium deals Uranium One has purchased Uranium thru Hillary Clinton. But lets look at the situation with mining the Uranium. First off everyone needs to look at the environmental impact statement of whatever company will be mining the Uranium and look at the mitigation statement of the same. There is a huge impact statement plus a large amount of land mitigation. (put land into conservation for said impact) If the Uranium deposit is as large as it appears to be then the mitigation of land will be huge. If the land will be affected by mining then an equal or larger amount of land must be put in conservation in order to mitigate the impact of said operation. Both EIS (environmental impact statement) and mitigation plan are required for operation of said entity whether it is an office building or a mine. Now lets look at other factors will the operation  of said company affect the air quality in the surrounding air. Then this will impact more acreage due to prevailing winds and other environmental factors. Lets say the winds carry a toxin across 300 more affected acres. Then the mitigation will require more land another 300 acres give or take depending upon the fallout of the prevailing winds. Now lets look at the water quality. How much water is affected this becomes a factor as well. Just like the Bundy situation how is the wildlife affected and how much land will be needed for the displacement of wildlife (flora and fauna).Clinton Uranium deals and the Clinton Foundation have swindled hundreds of ranchers out of tens of thousands acres of their private land for their own enrichment.


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