CERN: Doorway to Destruction

CERN doorway to destruction

CERN   Doorway To Destruction

CERN doorway to destruction.

Published  December 16, 2012

I’ve been working on a metrics project to point to future probabilities of events to occur in the near future using ancient prophecies, time wave zero, webbot predictions, remote viewing, etc.  Over the past few days, people have been sending me information regarding the CERN experiment that will be conducted from Dec 17-21st , so I checked it out.

It is, or should be becoming more and more apparent, that these elites, these bloodlines that claim they are superior to the rest of humanity, these elites that worship Satan and follow a rigid occultist protocol, use deception and misdirection in conjunction with symbolism to work in the light to carry out demonic agendas of darkness.

More important are the implications that this test or experiment and eventual full power up could have on the planet and everything that inhabits it.  This report will examine what we know, what we don’t, and the potential effects of both.

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CERN doorway to destruction examines some of the implications this technology may have on the planet and everything that inhabits it. The LHC and other projects of this magnitude are undertaken and funded when they have some sort of military or weaponry aspect to them. These projects are typically promoted under the veil of some sort of scientific breakthrough that will benefit mankind, but they never do. This project is no different.

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