Austrian MP Demonstrates Glass of Cola Tests Positive For COVID-19

cola tests positive for covid-19
Posted December 14, 2020
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Glass of Cola Tests Positive for COVID-19

The Masses Are Waking Up

YouTube’s CC subtitle translator needs work.  Austrian MP demonstrates before parliament how a glass of Cola tests positive for COVID-19 before parliament.  Listen how he explains how the whole Covid scamdemic is designed to:

  • Deprive you of your basic freedoms and liberties
  • Destroy the economies of the EU and the rest of the world
  • Transfer billions to pharmaceutical industries in the form of taxpayer dollars
  • Drain the health ministries budgets to render them financially unable to provide other services not related to Covid
  • Create a perceived health emergency
  • Force us all into albeit self imposed lockdown and isolate you from friends and family
  • Deprive your children of social development and education


Editors Note:

It appears the rapid RTPCR was used for this demonstration.  The inventor of the PCR test emphatically stated the test should not and can not test for infectious pathogens. So what exactly does this test for?  What do humans, goats, chickens, fruits, vegetables and now Cola drinks have in common?  Sugars.  Sugar is the basic compound for creating artificial DNA/RNA in a lab on a computer.  Why have they been telling us that diabetics are at higher risk?  Could this be why they have been pushing diabetics among other groups to have the RTPCR test, a test that’s not testing for an infectious disease?  When have diabetics ever been classified at higher risk for the flu, MERS, SARs in the past?   Think about that.


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