Anomalies Leading Up to THE EVENT

Anomalies leading up to The Event

Anomalies Leading Up To THE EVENT

Published September 2012   Anomalies leading up to The Event.

Anomalies Occurring World Wide That Frankly, Don’t Make Sense

In this report, we will take some time to examine  some of the civilization altering or possibly ending events that are on the precipice  – some of these are being discussed on the MSM and others are not.  US space program ends abruptly in 2011.  The Norwegian seed vault is permanently sealed.  Global debt situation is spiraling out of control with no end in sight.  No effort being made to mitigate or control the radiation levels mounting from Fukushima.  The construction of DUMBs has accelerated.  Military assets are being moved inland away from coastal areas.  HR6566 is introducted to adopt a resolution for the preparation for mass fatalities in the US…

Research Links:

NASA Shuttle Progam ended

What the NASA (de)funding bill really means:

Privatization of Space Travel and Exploration

What is really happening with US Space Program

Doomsday Vault:  LD Report

Svalbard seed vault


Global Debt Crisis: World’s most indebted nations (2011)

Debt crisis gaining momentum

Japan 1.1 Quadrillion Yen in debt and climbing

US Federal debt 1971-2012

NASA warnings

NASA solar storms massive solar event(s)

UK daily solar minimum cycle 25

NASA solar storms building to peak in 2013


ENE News

Russia China accelerated building of deep underground shelters

China underground shelters – secret tunnels to nowhere

Russians rapidly build 5000 shelters in Moscow

US DUMBs – Underground infrastructure – missing 40 trillion dollars

Advanced subterranean facilities

The underground empire

Military asset movement – Norfolk future sea level rises

Obama Knows somethings going down

US East coast military bases being evacuated under cover of night

DiscloseTV – Something bad is in progress

Gerald Celente – Military evacuating coastal bases (3 vids)


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