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Anarcho Capitalist State

Anarcho Capitalist State – Individual Rule vs Democratic Rule

Anarcho Capitalist State

Published  October 20, 2015

“A well conceived lie is like a delicate flower – it needs protection from the elements, hidden from examination and probing, it needs to be fed just enough to flourish.  Too much exposure to the light of truth and it withers and dies…”
I was inspired to do this video based on many articles I’ve read regarding the cycles of government, anarchy, anarcho capitalism, self governance and the hypocrisy of democracy.

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Anarcho Capitalist State explained. The concept of the “majority” is particularly troubling. By always accepting the will of the majority, democracy allows for majorities to have an absolute tyranny over everyone else. This means that in the winner-take-all context of democracy, minorities have no influence over decisions that are made. This is even worse than it seems, since the “majority” in any given situation is usually not even the majority of a population, but actually just the largest group of many minorities.

Anarcho Capitalist State says the free market is efficient and just. People have the right to forcibly defend their property, and part of their property rights is the right to travel, to move goods about, and to make deals with those who are willing to make deals. Freely competing groups without territorial monopoly can uphold justice and defend people.  Enforcement should protect person and property, and not redistribute wealth, etc.

For a stable and consistent minority, this ever-present scenario means that democracies provide no more freedom than that of despotism or dictatorship. Many political historians have pointed out that government extended suffrage to disenfranchised groups during periods when it needed mass support to accomplish some end, usually militaristic, rather than during periods when the public demanded it most vocally.

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