All the Vatican's men

All The Vatican’s Men and Their Army of Unholy Apostates

All the Vatican’s men


Lincoln’s Assassination And The Jesuit Connection

Book:  All the Vatican’s Men

Book:  Unholy Trinity

The Most Powerful Man In The World ? “The Black Pope” ?


All the Vatican’s men. Could those be the five arrows behind the cross representing the five sons of Rothschild’s central banks? The Rothschild’s with All the Vatican’s men(Red Shield’s) being the very ones asserting that they must have three world wars before the end of the 21st century, and WWIII will be between Christians and Muslims? Not to worry, they, Rothschild’s with the Vatican, have invested in both sides of every war they instigate and insure both sides so it is a win/win for the Rothschild’s and All the Vatican’s men even though everyone else loses. This story detailing the Vatican fires a Monsignor for openly stating his homosexual preference. Wrong assumption on your part your ungodliness, your unholiness and a member of the army of All the Vatican’s men. However, a true abiding biblically knowledgeable individual knows God’s laws and will not be misled by an individual calling himself the VICAR of Christ who is following his own rules as he makes them up and are completely contradictory of Jehovah’s laws. God’s name, Jehovah, was removed by the Vatican in over 700 places from the bible, replaced with “Lord” by the army of All the Vatican’s men. Jehovah abhors homosexuality but the Vatican selectively chooses to allow it, that is of course as long as they, the Vatican unholy Jesuits with an “Extreme Jesuit Oath,” ( see; The Jesuit Oath of Induction recorded in the Congressional Record of the U.S.A. can mislead the trail of pedophile ‘expose’ truth seekers to another direction away from the pedophiliac Satanic cults of which thrives on kidnapping, raping and murdering little boys. Since the Vatican owns every corporation on earth, which would include Planned Parenthood and their subsidiaries.


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