About Level9News

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Exposing The Assault on Humanity

DJ’s background is in system & network engineering.  She departed from her career in the gaming industry in 2014 to pursue the challenge of making a difference in a world where right is wrong, up is down, truth is lies.  Level9News will provide a protected platform to accelerate “The Awakening” humanity is experiencing world-wide.

The realization of the paradox which humanity has created in its acceleration of acquiring technology faster than the growth if it’s moral and ethical compass has enabled an uncontrolled proliferation of abusive powers.  This has made the process of controlling the natural spiritual access of consciences detached from the individual and the collective species.  This has compelled DJ to explore solutions which can be accessible to all who are willing to receive knowledge with unfeigned guidance.

Mission of Level9News

Like-minded people are encouraged to participate in our mission by being involved in the creation of mutually supportive network. In the future Level9News.com will grow and further support the demand of unstoppable, decentralized media transcendence.

From the primary topic of research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Remote, Neural Monitoring and artificial biology which is on track to alter the evolutionary path of humanity — which is being fielded by private and government intelligence entities for the purpose of mastering the Human Domain to accompanying commentary on geo-political, health/medicine, geo-engineering, trans humanism, forced global integration, the Hegelian dialectic, crypto-linguistics, and other areas which are being utilized as means to terraform the evolution of our future civilization’s social and technological landscape. The future is what we make it and if we are not prepared to decide our own destiny, the choice will be made for us.

Level9News is dedicated to exposing the threat against humanity being introduced in the form of technology by providing essential information and education not being disclosed in the main stream media and education outlets.  Level9News provides comments sections for every post as well as topical forms for members get involved in discussions on the issues as well as providing potential solutions to all viewers.