A comprehensive overview of the health effects of Geoengineering

A Comprehensive Overview of the Health Effects of Geoengineering

A comprehensive overview of the health effects of Geoengineering.

Geoengineering For Dummies:

A Report for MD’s

The following report was prepared for and distributed to, Allergists, Respiratory, Pulmonary, Cardiovascular and Neurology doctors in the greater Albuquerque area in 2013. To date, there has been no response from medical professionals in these fields.

“The information presented in this report is factual. If you are not aware of this information, that is by design. The mainstream media will not cover it and state and national level elected officials will not address it.” ~ Level9News

There has been a sharp rise in respiratory ailments, “allergies”, that cannot be identified, neurological disorders an immune system disorders.

It is my hope as well as other non-mainstream news organizations, that the medical community will look at the causal effects of nano-particulate aluminum, strontium, titanium and other heavy metals in bio-accessible and bio-available form are contributing to the vast increases in adverse human health conditions mentioned above.

It is our estimate that since 1998, 20 gigatons – that’s 20 thousand, thousand tons of these materials have be dumped into the atmosphere in aerosol form. Normal background trace quantities of these toxic, heavy metals have increased multiple thousand fold and in some areas we are monitoring, these levels are as high as 10,000x the EPA ‘safe’ levels of these metals in the environment.


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