6G | What Is It and Why Do We Need It


6G | Why Do We Need It and Who and What Will Gain the Most Advantage.

6G will provide a pipe large enough with data transfers fast enough to assign an IP address to every grain of sand on the planet.  Do not be surprised to see PIv6 rolled out everywhere very soon. 6G , Why Do We Need It and Who or What Will Gain the Most Advantage. 

Published November 12, 2019

WHAT IS IT: It’s a network platform that operates in the terahertz millimeter wave frequency. 10x to 100x the frequency of the operating bandwidth of the up and coming 5G networks and beyond. It will exponentially decrease the time necessary to reach the event horizon of the Machine Intelligence – MI – singularity, machine super intelligence.

WHY DO WE NEED IT: We don’t unless where looking for a dystopian future where machine intelligence and every device connected to it to manage and control your life. Who really needs this? AI or machine intelligence (MI) to thrive and evolve. To gain every aspect possible on humanity. Information is power. 5G and 6G will enable MI to evolve that much faster and supersede the collective total of human intelligence.

Machine Intelligence is a silicon based life form, an invasive species.  In a battle for resources, the invasive species always wins.

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