5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines

5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines

5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines

The technology already exists to transfer emotions, brain maps and DNA/RNA code and embed it into individuals or groups via WiFi.  Would it not be conceivable that vaccines or even viruses could be transmitted over WiFi?  For argument sake, they can get 80% if the global population to voluntarily or forcibly accept the COVID vaccine.  Would that vaccine contain nano tech that would not only act as a transmitter for contact tracing, but could it also act as a receiver that would automatically vaccinate the masses for future pandemics?  Worse yet, could it receive DNA/RNA frequency data that would CREATE pandemics to come?  5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines. 5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines.  5G Nano Tech and Downloadable Vaccines. 

Posted 05.15.2020

Research Links:

Project Jump Start




Rapid Response Consortium


Bio-defense Agencies all on the Same Page (Lab 257 16.24-20.35; 20.40-21.10; 18.55-22.20; 23.59-25.41; 30.32-43.10


Sending DNA Across the Internet-Biological Teleportation


Synthetic DNA Delivery & Enhanced Efficacy


PMC-NIH Abstract


HR 6666


14 Billion doses will be needed


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